Below are additional educational resources regarding hypermobility, fascia, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.

Online Webinar hosted by Movement Links

Audience: for professionals wanting to learn more about an interdisciplinary approach to HSD/EDS

These professionally produced videos were based on a 2-day “live” workshop to a multidisciplinary group of health practitioners.  We have worked hard to give you a comprehensive experience of actually participating in a “live” course with demo and clinical pearls from both Dr. Wang and  Dr. Frank on managing these very unique and underserved patient population.  

Course Outline

  • Diagnostic criteria for hypermobile spectrum disorders (HSD) & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Pathophysiology of hypermobility and associated conditions
  • Case Presentation of a complex HSD/EDS patient
  • The role of postural foundation with HSD/EDS patients 
  • Intervention strategies for the HSD/EDS patients including motor training, manual therapy, medical, external bracing, holistic and neuropsychological interventions

Online Webinar hosted by Advanced Trainings

Audience: for manual therapists and massage therapists who want to learn more manual approaches to HSD/EDS

How can manual therapy help with hypermobility? What do hands-on therapists need to know? This special seminar with physician, researcher, and manual therapist Dr Tina Wang provides an overview of manual therapy approaches for working with hypermobile spectrum disorders and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes. The interdependence between the fascial, autonomic, and immune system will be a focus, and manual therapy approaches as they pertain to conditions in hypermobile disorders will be presented.

  • Title: Hypermobility for Hands-On Therapists
  • Format: livestream or self-paced online course
  • Time required: about 1 hour, plus optional elements
  • Credits: 1 (details below)
  • Elements
    • Online lecture (live or recorded), about 1 hour total.
    • PDF download.
    • 5-question quiz (10-20 min).
    • Brief self-evaluation and learning summary (10-20 min).



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