On these pages we will do our best to answer your questions about fascia, including:

  • What is fascia?
  • What do we know about fascia pathophysiology?
  • How is fascia different in connective tissue disorders like EDS and hypermobile spectrum disorder?
  • How does fascia change in pain and musculoskeletal/sports problems?
  • What does healthy fascia look and behave like?

Read on below and get educated on fascia and how we can treat it.

DNA Vibe 

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Regenerative Light Therapy for Hypermobility

DNA Vibe uses four synergistic modes (red, near-infrared, magnetic, and microvibration) to work harmoniously to influence the vagus nerve, balance the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce pain and stiffness, and accelerate and improve recovery. DNA Vibe can help with hypermobility related dysfunctions such as dysautonomia, POTS, joint hypermobility, gastroparesis, upper cervical instability symptoms, insomnia, etc.

Regenerative Light Therapy Technology

DNA Vibe's unique, patented wellness wearable delivers four complementary modes: red, near-infrared, magnetic, and microvibration – each mode working harmoniously to help avoid injury, reduce pain and stiffness, and accelerate and improve recovery.

DNA Vibe’s patented technology is made in American with technology developed by 2 physicists and is trusted by hundreds of elite pro athletes, teams and trainers, thousands of healthcare professionals.

Conventional light therapies have been around for over 50 years (since 1967). They’ve been shown to be effective and safe through numerous double-blind clinical studies and have been FDA approved for decades. While they are known to work, few (if any) providers understand how or why they work. Until DNA Vibe. DNA Vibe's Intelligent Light Therapy technology is based on the underlying sciences and DNA Vibe’s proprietary research into the relationship between genomics and wave-particle physics. From this point of view, conventional light therapies come up short and tend to be relatively expensive, complicated, and clumsy. Leveraging their unique understanding of the science, DNA Vibe’s technology is surprisingly affordable, easy to use, wearable, and above all, intelligent..


Fascia: The Human Web

What is Fascia?

Fascia is all the connective tissue in the body. The official working definition of fascia from the 4th Fascia Research Congress is:

Fascia is a sheath, a sheet or any number of other dissectible aggregations of connective tissue that forms beneath the skin to attach, enclose, separate muscles and internal organs."

What does that mean? Fascia is all the connective tissue that connects the body and because of how it connects the whole body, it allows for interaction and communication of the body as a whole. 

Yoga for Hypermobility

Yoga for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, and Generalized Hypermobility

  • Sundays at 7-8AM PST via Zoom
  • Monthly fee: $60/month. To sign up, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up.
  • Drop in class: $20/class. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up and arrive 10 minutes early for drop-in class.
  • Each class focuses on hypermobility related concerns using āsana (movement & body position), prāṇāyāma (breathing), mantra, Vedic chanting, meditation.
  • Modifications are given to meet the unique individual needs and capacities of each person.

Experience a class rooted in the Viniyoga tradition, incorporating elements of Developmental Kinesiology. Within this yoga tradition, the prāṇāyāma breathing technique is utilized to address breathing difficulties and shortness of breath commonly associated with hypermobility. The integration of coordinated prāṇāyāma breathing and movement with āsana addresses issues of coordination and balance linked to hypermobility. Chanting and mantra practices contribute to improving diaphragmatic coordination in individuals with hypermobility. Additionally, meditation is employed to address vagal tone and focus issues within the hypermobility context. Accessible via Zoom, this class is designed to foster self-agency, providing a convenient and inclusive learning experience.


Fascial Layer Specific Hydromanipulation

What is Fascial Layer Specific Hydromanipulation (FLuSH) Technique?

Fascial Layer Specific Hydromanipulation (FLuSH) is a novel technique developed by Dr. Wang to diagnose and treat myofascial pain. The FLuSH technique involves using ultrasound guidance to inject approximately 0.5 mL of normal saline into a specific fascial layer of the myofascial unit. The term “hydromanipulation” differentiates this technique from “hydrodissection”, a technique used to treat nerve entrapments. The pressure of the injectate is used to open the deep fascia from the superficial fascia and the underlying muscle. In the deep fascia, the same process is repeated with the needle targeting the hypoechoic extracellular matrix layers between organized fascia layers. The injectate is used to incrementally separate the soft tissues in front of the needle. In the muscle and superficial fascia, a similar process is used to disperse saline to dilute aggregates in areas of stiffness corresponding to changes that are seen under elastography.


Thiamine Vitamin B1 role in fascia and connective tissue health and disorders like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and hypermobile spectrum disorders.

Key points:

  • Thiamine plays a role in the function of connective tissue.
  • Thiamine influences inflammation through connective tissue proteins.
  • Supplementation with thiamine (usually in its salt form) is warranted in connective tissue disorders like EDS and HSD.
  • Trial of lipothiamine (a form of thiamine that crosses the blood brain barrier) may be needed in severe cases.

Below are additional educational resources regarding hypermobility, fascia, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.

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