Gregory Prior is an American judo player currently competing at the international level. He has won and competed in multiple state and regional championships at home and abroad, his highest award being bronze at the 2018 veterans world championships, in Cancun Mexico.

Greg is known for his speed in his sport, for the size of athlete he is. In the 100+ k.g. weight division Greg faces some of the largest and strongest judo players on the planet. As a California native Greg enjoys having held the State Champion title multiple times, will compete for the national title in 2019, and is the 100kg+ Continental Crown Gold medalist. He has also held regional and collegiate strong man competition titles.

Greg began judo at a young age, wrestled in High School and continued his judo education in college. He now trains in San Bruno California under 9th degree judo black belt, 10th degree jujitsu black belt Willy Cahill. He also trains with innovative strength and conditioning coach Josh Courage.

Follow his journey on Instagram as he trains with Dr. Wang on programming, nutrition, supplementation, sleep.

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