Performing Arts Medicine

About Performing Arts Medicine

Performing arts medicine is a unique specialized field that treats the injuries associated in the performing arts as seen in dancers, musicians, vocalists, etc. Performance related musculoskeletal conditions and disability are remarkably high, but artists often ignore symptoms. Performing arts medicine specialist help correct mechanical technique issues that are the root cause of performance related injury.

There is a deep emphasis on the biopsychomechanical etiology. Performing artists are subject to specific conditions- early exposure to high expectations of excellence, incessant demands for perfection, long periods of intense practicing, fierce competition, high levels of anxiety associated with performance, and uncertain careers. 

Performing arts medicine uses an interdisciplinary approach to treating the artist patient. Dr. Wang uses novel interventions like IASTM, kinesiotaping, and regenerative treatments to help musicians with performing arts related pain. The prevention of injury, conservative management, collaboration with teachers, and a psychotherapeutic approach are used. 

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