Prolotherapy is a non-surgical injection procedure

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical injection procedure used to treat connective tissue injuries of the musculoskeletal system that have not healed by rest or conservative therapy. 

Prolotherapy is treatment method for loose or injured ligaments. It uses the body’s natural ability to heal ligaments and muscles to reform healthy tissue without scar tissue. A dextrose solution is injected directly into the ligament and causes a mild inflammatory reaction. This signals the body to lay down thicker and stronger tissue which helps to relieve chronic pain. This therapy is best suited for chronic myofascial pain seen commonly in dancers, musicians, and repetitive motion.

Dr. Wang is trained in prolotherapy through her residency training and through the Hacket Hemwall Patterson foundation. 

There is good and strong evidence for the use of prolotherapy:

  • Dr. Robago's landmark randomized control study for knee osteoarthritis - efficacy and effectiveness 
  • Systematic Review for the use of prolotherapy in knee osteoarthritis
  • Evidence of disease modifying effect and improvement in quality of life in knee osteoarthritis
  • Evidence of regenerative effects of prolotherapy in the knee
  • Evidence for prolotherapy in the treatment of tennis elbow 
  • Systematic Review on the effectiveness of prolotherapy in knee osteoarthritis: Hassan F, Trebinjac S, Murrell WD, Maffulli N.
  • The effectiveness of prolotherapy in treating knee osteoarthritis in adults: a systematic review. Br Med Bull. 2017 Jun 1;122(1):91-108.


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